Administrative Orders


Latest Administrative Order

Posted: 11/30/2023
Administrative Order 2023-014, Re: Relative to Declaring November 24, 2023, a Special Holiday for the Judiciary of Guam

Posted: 10/11/2023 1:00:00 AM
Administrative Order 2023-013, Re: Relative to Reopening After Typhoon Bolaven

Posted: 10/11/2023
Administrative Order 2023-012, Re: Relative to Court Closure Due to Tropical Storm Bolaven

Posted: 7/26/2023
Administrative Order 2023-010, Re: Amendments to Rule 1.07 of the Judicial Council Rules of Conduct and Operation

Posted: 6/9/2023
Administrative Order 2023-009, Re: Second Updated Order Relative to Court Operations After Typhoon Mawar

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