Criminal Law and Procedure Review Commission


The Guam Criminal Law and Procedure Review Commission (the “Commission”) was created by I Liheslaturan Guåhan in Public Law 36-119 (enacted Nov. 9, 2022) to conduct the first complete review of Guam’s Criminal Codes of Guam and Criminal Procedure Codes since their creation by the 13th Guam Legislature in 1976. Under P.L. 36-119, the Commission exists as a division of the Supreme Court of Guam and receives administrative support from the Judiciary of Guam. The Commission is composed of 15 members representing the three branches of government, the Guam Bar Association (to include attorneys with prosecutorial and criminal defense experience), full-time and retired judicial officers, directors of government criminal justice and public safety agencies, and private individuals from community-based and public interest organizations relating to the criminal justice system. The Commission is Chaired by Superior Court Magistrate Judge Jonathan R. Quan and administered by a full-time Executive Director and one staffer.

Under its enabling statute, the Commission will conduct a comprehensive and systematic review of the Criminal and Correctional Code in Title 9 and the Criminal Procedure Code in Title 8 of the Guam Code Annotated (“GCA”) as well as criminal statutes throughout the GCA. Following its review, the Commission will recommend enactments, amendments, and repeals to I Liheslaturan Guåhan.


Chairman: Magistrate Judge Jonathan R. Quan
Executive Director: Andrew Serge Quenga
Compiler of Laws: Geraldine A. Cepeda
Management Officer Valerie Cruz


Crimes Against Persons
Attorney Joseph B. McDonald, Chair
Attorney Christine Santos Tenorio
PDSC Executive Director Stephen Hattori (PDSC Deputy Director John Morrison, Designee)
GPD Chief Stephen Ignacio (Maj. Manny Chong, Designee)
Attorney Sean E. Brown (Ex-officio, auxiliary)

Crimes Relating to Property
Attorney Phillip James Tydingco, Chair
Mr. Monty McDowell
Attorney F. Randall Cunliffe
Attorney William B. Brennan

Drug & Other Criminal Offenses
Hon. Maria T. Cenzon, Chair
Attorney Michael F. Phillips
DOC Director Fred E. Bordallo, Jr. (Maj. Antone F. Aguon, Designee)
Ms. Valerie Reyes
Compiler of Laws Geraldine A. Cepeda (Ex-officio)
Hon. Elizabeth Barrett-Anderson (Ex-officio, auxiliary)
Attorney Kathy F. Siguenza (Ex-officio, auxiliary)

Criminal Procedure
Hon. Anita A. Sukola, Chair
Attorney General Douglas Moylan (AAG Steven Coaty, Designee)
Executive Director Andrew Serge Quenga (Ex-officio)
PDSC Attorney Brian Eggleston (Ex-officio, auxiliary)
APD Attorney Leonardo Rapadas (Ex-officio, auxiliary)


CLRC Notice and Agenda of Meeting on April 04, 2024


Plenary Meeting January 9, 2023.Agenda and Packet [see video here]
Plenary Meeting February 9, 2023.Agenda and Packet [see video here]
Plenary Meeting April 6, 2023.Agenda and Packet [see video here]
Plenary Meeting August 31, 2023.Agenda and Packet [see video here]
Plenary Meeting October 5, 2023.Agenda and Packet [see video here]
Plenary Meeting December 7, 2023.Agenda and Packet [see video here]
Plenary Meeting February 29, 2024.Agenda and Packet [see video here]


First Plenary Meeting January 13, 2023 Minutes
Second Plenary Meeting February 09, 2023 Minutes
Third Plenary Meeting April 06, 2023 Minutes
Fourth Plenary Meeting August 31, 2023 Minutes
Fifth Plenary Meeting October 05, 2023 Minutes
Sixth Plenary Meeting December 07, 2023 Minutes


Executive Director Andrew Serge Quenga 671.475.3278
Management Officer Valerie Cruz 671.475.3252


• CLRC 2023 First Quarter Report
• CLRC 2023 Second Quarter Report
• CLRC 2023 Third Quarter Report
• CLRC 2023 Fourth Quarter Report

• CLRC Draft Work Plan
• CLRC Worksheet for Amendments
• CLRC Worksheet for Repeals

• District of Columbia Criminal Code Reform Commission
• Hawaii Penal Code Review Committee Report
• Guam Code Annotated
• Massachusetts General Laws
• New Jersey General and Permanent Statutes
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