Policies, Rules and Notices


Judiciary of Guam Personnel Rules and Regulations


Administrative Policies

1. Appendix List
A. Dress Code Policy
B. Official Vehicle Policy
C. Official Vehicles Policy Amendment
D. Firearms Policy
E. Laptop and Mobile Device Interim Policy and Procedures
F. Password Management Policy
G. Teleworking Policy
H. Court Property Policy
I. Debit Card Policy
J. Disability Accommodation Policy
K. Drug Free Workplace Policy Memo
K1. Drug Free Workplace Policy
K2. Drug Free Workplace Policy Amended TDP Listing
K3. Drug Free Workplace Policy Randomizer Amendment
L. EEO Policy & Procedures
M. EEO Policy and Procedures for Judicial Officers
N. Official Travel Policy
O. Occupant Emergency Plan
P. Personal Property Policy
Q. Policy Governing Computing & Technology Resources
S. Waste Management Policy
T. Pilot Uniform Policy for Non-Law Enforcement Employees
U. Social Media Policy & Guidelines
V. Sunshine Act
W. Electronic Signature
X. Signature Stamp
Y. Personal Information
Z. Interact with Minors

Equal Employment Opportunity / ADA Forms and Policies