Juvenile Drug Court


Our Mission

The mission of the Judiciary of Guam's Juvenile Drug Court (JDC) is to reduce substance abuse and criminal behavior among juveniles and empower juveniles and families to support a positive lifestyle by providing strength-based intensive intervention within the juvenile justice system and rehabilitation services tailored to the needs of families and each individual juvenile.

About Juvenile Drug Courts

The Judiciary of Guam’s, Juvenile Drug Court (JDC), is under the supervision of the Probation Services Division. Guam’s JDC is a court that has been specifically designated and staffed to supervise offenders utilizing a non-traditional approach with juvenile clients who have been identified as low/moderate/heavy substance-users.

Drug Courts are built upon a unique partnership between the criminal justice system and the drug treatment community. This partnership structures treatment intervention around the authority and personal involvement of a single Drug Court Judge. Drug Courts create a non-adversarial courtroom atmosphere where a single judge and a dedicated team work together toward the common goal of breaking the cycle of drug abuse and criminal behavior.

Juvenile Drug Court defendants are referred to a comprehensive and judicially monitored program of drug treatment and rehabilitation services.

Guam’s Juvenile Drug Court includes two (2) treatment tracks (Intensive and Non-intensive). The Intensive Track is a four-phased, comprehensive, strengthbased approach to substance abuse treatment.

Phase I is facilitated by psychoeducational group facilitators / probation officers and Phases II – IV are conducted by treatment providers. The one (1) year minimum treatment program assists participants in leading drug-free lives, deter criminal involvement, reunify families, and restore the participant as a productive member of society. An individualized
treatment plan is developed to meet the participant’s needs, such as education, vocational training, employment, social skills and family relations. The Non-intensive Track treatment plan includes counseling referrals to Sanctuary Incorporated or JDC counseling sessions and close monitoring. This track is less intensive with an average of four (4) contacts a month, depending on the minor’s individual needs and progress while on probation.

Participants are expected to follow the programs rules and instructions by the judge and probation officer as well as to comply with the treatment plan developed by the JDC Team.

JDC monitors participant’s progress. Failure to comply may intensify sanctions such as detention; increased drug testing; increased court appearances with the JDC Judge; revocation of plea agreement; repetition of treatment phase; modification of treatment plan; and/or expulsion from the program.

The Intensive Track is a four-phased, comprehensive, strength-based approach to substance abuse treatment that includes innovative interventions.The Program offers:

  • Ongoing assessments services
  • Orientation and Educational groups
  • Parent groups and group therapy
  • Recreational therapy and treatment
  • intervention
  • Urinalysis testing
  • Educational / Vocational / Employment / Referrals
  • Life skills
  • Sanctions and incentives, and
  • Case Staffing / Status hearings with the JDC Judge
Upon successful completion of the Intensive Track, which is an average of twelve (12) months, probation may be terminated and the charge(s) dismissed. Juveniles who complete the Non-Intensive Track receive probation termination and the case closed.