Superior Court Decisions and Orders


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Posted: 7/19/2024
SP0074-21,    Perry v. People
    D&O Den. Pet. for Writ of Habeas Corpus, 07-18-2024
Posted: 7/16/2024
DM0441-12,    Sinoben v. Flowers
    D&O Re Pl.'s Mot. to Modify Custody, 07-15-2024
Posted: 7/15/2024
CM0363-22,    People v. Akoma
    D&O (Mot. to Dismiss), 07-15-2024
Posted: 7/12/2024
CF0487-20,    People v. Sicat
    D&O Re Competency Issues and Second Forensic Evaluation, 07-10-2024
Posted: 7/12/2024
CF0806-23,    People v. Gonalez
    D&O Granting Mot. to Transfer Case to Fam. Ct., 07-11-2024

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