Traffic Court



The document below is a list of persons who have unpaid/unanswered traffic citations filed with the Traffic Violations Bureau, Superior Court of Guam, from January 1, 2007 to present.

You may appear at the Traffic Court of the Superior Court of Guam, at 120 W. O’Brien Drive, Hagåtña or the Northern Court Satellite, 132 West Marine Corp Drive, Dededo, to answer to the citation(s). You may also dispose of the violation(s) by paying the total amount owed online at

Names will be removed from this list within one business day of receiving payment for the amount outstanding.

If you feel that your name has been listed in error or have any questions, please contact the Traffic Violations Bureau at

Hagatna Location:  (671) 475-3326, (671) 475-3121, or (671) 475-3274;

Northern Court Satellite:  (671) 635-2505, (671) 635-2510 or (671) 635-2507

Unpaid Traffic Citations


Traffic Court Rules for the Superior Court of Guam (adopted pursuant to Promulgation Order No. 20-003-01, November 24, 2020)
Your ticket requires you to appear on or before the answering date indicated on the bottom of your ticket. It is your burden to resolve the ticket before the due date at the bottom of your ticket. The Department of Motor Vehicle may hold your driver’s license or vehicle registration renewal on hold until tickets are cleared with the court.

I received a traffic ticket and I would like to know how much the fine is.  Where do I pay and what forms of payment are acceptable?
You may call the Traffic Violations Bureau at the numbers listed above, or you may send an email to  Please have your citation number readily available when you call or indicate the number on your email.   You may also visit the Superior Court Fines – Fines & Fees page by clicking on this link:

What types of payment is accepted?
Payments can be made by cash, cashiers’ check/money order made payable to Superior Court of Guam or with a Visa or MasterCard credit card.  Be advised that a credit card convenience fee of 3.10% will be assessed for credit card payments.

Can I pay my traffic ticket before the hearing date?
Yes.  See details below.
In Person:  Bring the hard copy of the citation and your driver’s license or valid photo ID to the Traffic Violations Bureau counter located at the Judicial Building Center in Hagatna or the Northern Court Satellite at the Dededo Mall during regular business hours.
By Email:  Email a clear legible copy (or photo) of the citation and your driver’s license to  TVB staff will respond and assist you.   
By Mail:  Read the second to the last paragraph on the back of your citation where it states, “I, the undersigned, …”  Print and sign your name, and indicate the date signed on the signature block.  Mail the citation and your check, cashier’s check or money order payable to the Superior Court of Guam for the exact amount due to the following address: 

Superior Court of Guam
120 West O’Brien Drive
Hagatna, Guam 96910
Attention: Traffic Violations Bureau

Can another person pay for my traffic ticket?
Yes, however, the hard copy of the citation provided to you by the officer must be presented to the TVB clerk with your signature on the reverse side along with a written authorization and a copy of your driver’s license or other identification.

What do I bring to court when I’m involved in a car accident and charged for no insurance?
If you had insurance at the time you were cited, obtain a certified letter from the insurance company stating that the vehicle was insured and present it to traffic clerk.  The letter must identify the vehicle by make, model, VIN number and/or license plate number.

Will the officer be at my hearing?
The officer will not be present at your first appearance/answering date.  Should you wish to contest the citation, the officer will be present at the bench trial.

Can I contest the citation?
Yes, you can contest the citation and ask for a bench trial.  A date will be set and the officer who issued the citation will be notified and will be present.

Do I need to hire an attorney?
You do not have to, but you may hire a lawyer at your own expense.

What documents do I need to request for a traffic clearance and can I request for another person?
Please click on the link below for more information on how to obtain a Traffic Clearance.