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Welcome to the Superior Court of Guam’s E-Filing System.  Electronic filing is the filing of an electronic document in lieu of a paper original and any required paper copies with the Superior Court.  The E-Filing System allows eligible and registered attorneys and unrepresented parties to electronically file documents for civil cases (Master Collection Cases) in the Superior Court.  The Judiciary is currently working on expanding electronic filing for other case types.  This is a Restricted Web Site for Official Court Business only. Unauthorized entry is prohibited and may be punishable by law.  All activities and access attempts are logged. 

Electronic filing will satisfy, and substitute for, the filing requirement of a paper original and any required paper copies in this court.  Counsel shall continue to serve paper copies according to the additional service requirements of Rule 5 of the Guam Rules of Civil Procedure, unless, pursuant to Electronic Filing Rule 3.17(a), the party being served is a registered electronic filer.  You must have an account to use this service.  To register for an account, download and complete the registration form below.

The Judiciary of Guam Electronic Filing Rules, adopted on October 1, 2015, pursuant to Promulgation Order No. 15-001-01.  Please read the electronic filing rules before you register or use the E-Filing System.  

The court welcomes any comments or concerns related to the use of the system.  For more information, please contact (671) 475-3449.

Thank you for your patience as we embark on this new phase in our continuing effort to find new and better ways to make our court as accessible and helpful to the public, attorneys, and all who regularly conduct business with us. 

IMPORTANT NOTICE OF REDACTION RESPONSIBILITY: All filers must redact: Social Security or taxpayer-identification numbers; names of minor children and victims of sex crimes; names of jurors or members of the venire; and financial account numbers, in compliance with Guam and federal law, and any applicable Judiciary of Guam Electronic Filing Rules.  This requirement applies to all documents, including attachments.

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Judiciary of Guam Electronic Filing Rules (Interim)

Stipulation Re Transcript Redaction Form

Protected Information Disclosure Form


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