Adult Probation Office


The Adult Probation Office (APO) is responsible for the supervision of adjudicated clients who have been placed on supervised probation for various criminal offenses. Supervision of court-involved adults is distributed according to types of offenses, which have been divided into three (3) categories that are often referred to as units: DUI/ALCOHOL and Traffic Related Crimes; Crimes Against Persons & Criminal Sexual Conduct Offenses; and Property Crimes. Our mission, in the reformation of clients, is to provide quality supervision to ensure that all court-involved adults successfully complete the terms and conditions of their probationary period, reduce recidivism, and provide counseling, guidance, or disciplinary actions.

The Adult Probation Office serves as the arm of the Court, providing supervision for those sentenced to a supervisory period of probation during which time the probationer is to perform and complete conditions ordered and imposed by the Court. Probation officers in this section monitor compliance by conducting unannounced home and employment visits, home searches, and case audits. Ensuring strict compliance with the Court Orders helps minimize recidivism, along with guidance, and further educate probationers of what is expected of the citizenry of Guam.

Standard conditions of adult probation:

  • Placed on monitored probation (6 months to 5 years)
  • Report in person once a month to the APO (or as ordered by the Court)
  • Pay a fine and court cost
  • Pay restitution to the victim (amount to be determined by the Court)
  • Attend and complete an education or counseling program
  • Not to possess firearms or any deadly weapon; forfeit firearm Identification card
  • Not to consume any illegal controlled substance or alcohol
  • Not to enter establishments selling primarily alcohol
  • Submit to random/weekly drug and alcohol testing
  • Stay away from victim(s); not to contact, harass or assault victims(s)
  • Surrender your passport to the Probation Office
  • Not to leave Guam without the permission of the Court
  • Permit Probation/Police Officers to search your person, residence or vehicle for firearms or any illegal controlled substances
  • Not to associate with felons
  • Obtain and maintain legal employment

Some counseling and treatment programs clients/probationers are ordered to attend are Client Services and Family Counseling, Driving with Care Education Program, Petty Theft Diversion Program, Alcohol Education Program, and New Beginnings at Guam Behavioral and Wellness Center. These programs will sometimes include a tuition fee. Probationers may also be ordered to perform and complete community service.