Adult Drug Court


Our Mission

The Judiciary’s mission in Guam Adult Drug Court is to hold criminal offenders accountable for their behavior, to decrease criminal activity related to the abuse of alcohol and drugs, and to increase the likelihood of successful rehabilitation through immediate, continuous, and intensive supervision. Through a committed collaborative team approach, we work diligently to aid our client’s successful recovery and re-integration into the community as productive, law abiding citizens.

About Adult Drug Courts

An Adult Drug Court is a court that has been specifically designed and started to supervise non-violent adult drug offenders who have been found to be legally and clinically eligible to participate in a comprehensive and judicially monitored program of drug treatment and rehabilitation services.

Drug Courts represent a very nontraditional approach to adult drug offenders who have been identified as moderate to heavy substance abusers. Drug Courts are built upon a unique partnership between the criminal justice system and the drug treatment community, one which structures treatment around the authority and personal involvement of a single Drug Court Judge. Drug Courts are also dependent upon the creation of a nonadversarial courtroom atmosphere where a single judge and a dedicated team work together toward a common goal of breaking the cycle of drug abuse and criminal behavior.

Guam’s Adult Drug Court is a voluntary program that fast track first time drug offenders to effciently deliver rehabilitative treatment in a judicially supervised program using sanctions and incentives. If an individual qualies for the Adult Drug Program, he/she will plead guilty to the drug offense. The Court however, defers acceptance of the guilty plea and the individual will immediately enter a drug or alcohol treatment program which must be completed within 2 years. Failure to successfully complete the program will result in a felony drug conviction and up to three years confinement at the Department of Corrections.

The Program is a four-phased intense, comprehensive, strength-based approach to substance abuse treatment that includes the following interventions:

  • Ongoing assessment services
  • Orientation and Psycho-Educational Groups
  • Individual, Family and Group Counseling
  • Recreational therapy and treatment intervention
  • Urinalysis testing, Saliva testing and Alcohol testing
  • Educational / Vocational / Employment / Referrals
  • Life skills program
  • Sanctions and incentives, and
  • Staffing / Weekly Court Hearings with the ADC Judge