Probation Services Division


Probation Services Division Seal


The mission of the Probation Services Division (PSD) is to assist in keeping the community safe and secure through the enforcement and monitoring of court orders for more than 7,400 adult and juvenile offenders who are placed on supervised release, both pre- and post-adjudicated, diversion, deferred or regular probation in lieu of incarceration as mandated by 7 GCA § 8110.

PSD promotes and enhances a safe environment for Guam’s community by monitoring adherence to court orders for those clients released pending disposition of their case. PSD tracks and enforces the payment of fines, fees, court costs, restitution payments to victims, and court ordered treatment services. Additionally, PSD administers drug and alcohol testing, community service programs, alcohol education programs, theft diversion programs, educational/rehabilitative programs, and anger and stress management programs. The division also provides community policing through the School Resource Officer Program, and performs community outreach to schools, businesses, and organizations as part of a preventive effort to control the increase of new cases and reduce offender recidivism.

Court Cost $80.00
DWI Occupational Fee $40.00
SOR Registration Fee $100.00
Urinalysis confirmation fee $80.00 +
Driving with Care $200.00
Anger & Stress Management Program $150.00
Domestic Abuse Project $225.00
Theft & Burglary Prevention Program $50.00
Family Violence Men’s Group $450.00
FVMG Repeat $200.00
Family Violence Women’s Group (THRIVE) $450.00
FVWG Repeat $200.00
FV Men’s Psych-Ed Program $150.00
Individual Counseling Program (ICP) $15.00 a session
MRT- Domestic Violence Group $450.00
Sex Offender Individual Counseling $23.00 a session
Sex Offender Group Counseling $750.00