Community Service/Service Learning


Your term of probation may include community service or service learning hours.

Community Service

Court-ordered Community Service hours provide you with an opportunity to give back to the public, public agencies or charitable organizations by using your skills or talents to benefit the community.

The Probation Services Division will place you at an appropriate agency or organization to perform your court-ordered hours. Placement will take into consideration any special skills and experience you have; it will also consider your overall physical, mental health capabilities, disabilities or special health needs.  If you have transportation issues, please ask the Probation Officer to place you at a participating agency closest to where you reside.

The participating agency will meet with you to create a work schedule you both agree upon; they will monitor your performance and attendance and provide regular updates to your Probation Officer until you have completed all court-ordered hours.

There are currently over forty (40) participating community service agencies that include government and charitable agencies, educational institutions and non-profit organizations. You have an opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and skill from your community service experience.

Service Learning

Service Learning is also a form of community service that may be ordered as part of your sentence.  Service Learning is most often used in Juvenile cases and provides opportunities for cultural, educational, skill and psycho-social development.  Activities could include camps, clinics, cultural dance classes and participation in a variety of programs (e.g.  Skills to Pay the Bills, Anti-Bullying Prevention and Anger and Stress Management Program).