Costs, Restitution, Fines & Fees
Court Cost $80.00
DWI Occupational Fee $40.00
SOR Registration Fee $100.00
Urinalysis confirmation fee $80.00 +
Driving with Care $200.00
Anger & Stress Management Program $150.00
Domestic Abuse Project $225.00
Theft & Burglary Prevention Program $50.00
Family Violence Men’s Group $450.00
FVMG Repeat $200.00
Family Violence Women’s Group (THRIVE) $450.00
FVWG Repeat $200.00
FV Men’s Psych-Ed Program $150.00
Individual Counseling Program (ICP) $15.00 a session
MRT- Domestic Violence Group $450.00
Sex Offender Individual Counseling $23.00 a session
Sex Offender Group Counseling $750.00

Most clients on probation are required to pay court costs, restitution, fines and fees as determined by the court.  Payment plans are arranged at the Probation Office; only certain fines and fees can be converted to community service as authorized by the court. Speak with your Probation Officer to set up a payment plan that best meets your needs.