Attorney Discipline


Office of Regulation Counsel
Guam Judicial Center
120 West O'Brien Drive
Hagatna, Guam 96910

Telephone: (671)475-3167

To lodge an ethics complaint regarding an attorney licensed to practice law in Guam, please complete the Complaint Against An Attorney form and submit the completed form to the Office of Regulation Counsel. To inquire about the ethics complaint process, or to report the potential unauthorized practice of law on Guam, please contact the Office of Regulation Counsel.

Attorney Discipline
In re Daniel Del Priore ADC98-003
In re Wilson Quinley ADC98-004
In re Richard A. Pipes ADC98-005
In re Michael F. Perez ADC98-002
In re Segundo P. Unpingco ADC98-006
In re Michael F. Perez ADC98-007
In re Jerry E. Hogan ADC99-001
In re Haim Habib ADC00-001
In re Peter R. Sgro, Jr. ADC00-002
In re Peter R. Sgro, Jr. ADC00-003
In re Loring E. Jahnke ADC01-001
In re Haim Habib ADC01-002
In re Steven A. Zamsky ADC01-004
In re Leon G. Maquera * SP0075-94 - Amended Judgment and related documents
Opinion, CVA00-011 - 2001 Guam 20
In re Gerald E. Gray ADC02-001
In re Haim Habib ADC02-002
In re Phillip Torres ADC02-004
In re Carol Fitch Baulos ADC04-001
In re Carol Fitch Baulos ADC 03-001
In re James S. Brooks ADC03-002 - Order
SP0056-96 - Judgment
In re Raymond T. Johnson III ADC04-003
In re Joe Guthrie ADC04-002
In re Carol Fitch Baulos ADC 06-003
In re Jason Kim ADC 09-004
  ADC 09-004 - Order
In re Danilo Aguilar   ADC 09-005
  Order re Summary Suspension, filed Sept. 10, 2010
Order of Disbarment, filed June 11, 2012
In re Stephanie Flores ADC 10-005
  ADC 12-002 - Order Re: Resignation from the practice of law in Guam
  ADC 12-002 - Order After Hearing
In re Jeffrey A. Cancilla ADC 13-004
In re Douglas F. Cushnie ADC 13-006
In re  Ronald Moroni ADC 15-004
Order granting request to resign from the Guam Bar, filed  June 26, 2015

Order approving attorney fees, costs and expenses, filed July 10, 2015
In re Jeffrey L. Warfield, Sr.   ADC15-007
  ADC15-007 - Order
In re: Louie J. Yanza ADC17-013
In re: John R.B. Bell (Interim Suspension Order) ADC21-004
In re Mark Smith
Order Terminating Interim Suspension; Discharging Rule 28 Counsel