Jurors in the Superior Court of Guam shall receive the following fees, except as otherwise expressly provided by law: For actual attendance at the place of trial or hearing and for the time necessarily occupied in going to and from such place at the beginning and end of such service or at any time during the same, Thirty Dollars ($30.00) per day, except that any juror required to attend more than thirty (30) days in hearing one case may be paid in the discretion and upon the certification of the judge a per diem fee not exceeding Forty Dollars ($40.00) for each day in excess of thirty (30) days he is required to hear each case.

Jury Checks

Juror payroll is processed every 2 weeks. It is therefore possible that a juror will be paid for more then one day of “SERVICE”. “Service” is defined as physically reporting to the courthouse. Days spent on standby service do not count as payment days.