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The Play by the Rules™ (PBR) Program teaches students about laws through a curriculum of best practices proven to prevent youth crime. The innovative, national program teaches youth about their legal rights and responsibilities, to become civic-minded, responsible young citizens, and provide them the tools needed to prevent crime, save lives, and build healthier and safer communities. The program provides a handbook, Play by the Rules: Guam Laws for Youth, for every student to own, take home, and share with their families. PBR teaches Guam-specific law to youth through a color-illustrated, Q&A format covering over 200 laws in topics, including criminal and civil law, drugs and alcohol, weapons, juvenile justice, family and school law, transportation and work law, recreation and technology. Public schools implement the interactive program primarily in fifth, seventh, and ninth grade levels; Catholic schools mainly in the seventh grade.

Website: Play by the Rules Online
April 3, 2013, PBR one-day training workshop for elementary school teachers of Guam DOE at Supreme Court.

April 3 & 5, 2013, PBR training workshops for Guam DOE